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  • Joseph Blog (Purple 6)

    16th July 2020


    Cubs Blog 09/07/2020

    This Is My Note(s) For the Cub Zoom Meeting From 09/07/2020. Enjoy!

    Cubs Meeting [09/07/2020]

    1. We made a pencil catapult (from Raksha)

    2. We done a density tower with different liquids from around the house. (from Akela)

    By Joseph (Purple6 2nder) wrote on Saturday, 11 July 2020

    Author: Daniel Higgins

  • Cubs Online Meetings blog

    8th July 2020

    By Joseph (purple 6's 2nder) 

    Cubs online meetings blog during lock-down,

    Cubs have gone digital using tools like zoom, osm, and whatsapp. At the beginning, the zoom meetings where a learning curve for all. But after a few; everyone got the hang of it.

    The meetings where something to look forward to every week in lock-down.

    My best bits of the meetings (so far!) These are taken from when I wrote up the meeting. Enjoy!

    From 16/04 we done a scavenger-hunt we showed off our "things to do after lock-down" boxes and shared ideas

    From 23/04 Joshua got invested digitally we saw a message from Bear

    From 30/04 we played who wants to be a millionaire we need to design a football t shirt (we could win a signed shirt)

    From 28/05 we done a virtual escape room

    From 04/06 we done a magic trick we played a game from Indianisa, (semeut, orang , gajah)

    From 11/06 we tried to sing the froggy song (and we failed) we made a mask we talked about volunteering

    From 16/06 we were taught how to make a tin stove; we done a breakout room (escape room)

    From 25/06 I tried to teach cubs to code; Daisy got her Invicta award too; we done an everyday quiz from 02/07 Aiden got invested we looked at other people's photos for the photographer badge we talked about the environment we did the animal carer badge we played I spy the meetings have been really fun and I hope to see the cubs and leaders in real life soon!

    Author: Daniel Higgins

  • 2nd Blog

    18th June 2018

    2nd Blog blog post

    The below is from cub member Joshua of 1st Hextable

    Tonight at cubs we went to Farningham woods to make fires. Each six founds a place to work in to make their fire. I found a place for our group that was very far back.

    We started by stacking the twigs up in a triangle shape. We tried to light it but it don't work and we had used up all our matches so we got some more and it then worked. We roasted marshmallows to made smores. They were yummy!

    At the end I got 4 badges that I had achieved in other weeks!

    2 staged badges. 1 for Nights away and the other for Hikes

    1 activity badge - cyclist

    1 challenge badge - outdoors

    My nanny Sue is going to be very busy sewing them onto my uniform. 

    Author: Daniel Higgins

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