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  • 2nd Blog

    Author: Daniel Higgins | Date: 18th June 2018

    2nd Blog blog post

    The below is from cub member Joshua of 1st Hextable

    Tonight at cubs we went to Farningham woods to make fires. Each six founds a place to work in to make their fire. I found a place for our group that was very far back.

    We started by stacking the twigs up in a triangle shape. We tried to light it but it donít work and we had used up all our matches so we got some more and it then worked. We roasted marshmallows to made smores. They were yummy!

    At the end I got 4 badges that I had achieved in other weeks!

    2 staged badges. 1 for Nights away and the other for Hikes

    1 activity badge - cyclist

    1 challenge badge - outdoors

    My nanny Sue is going to be very busy sewing them onto my uniform. 

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  • 1st blog for Cub's

    Author: Daniel Higgins | Date: 25th May 2018

    The below is from cub member Joshua of 1st Hextable 

    I had a such a great time at cubs tonight. We were working on the cyclist badge. We made a poster about road safety and being safe. This was for cyclists and also for pedestrians. We also had to name all the parts of a bike and tell one of the leaders how to fix our bike and how to look after it. I learned if parts are broke how to fix them. After that we went outside on our bikes, remembering our helmets, and showed that we could ride our bike and stop and start off the right way and on our own.

    I really enjoyed riding my bike with my friends.

    At the end of our meeting the leaders gave out a lot of badges, I got my athletes badge and a bag that the people at the adventure weekend gave us.

    We also talked about cub camp which is tomorrow! I canít wait for that!

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